Saturday, December 28, 2013


Phonetic dark imagine meant
Prayer dreadful from
Disciples of the garden
Of righteousness
Full above through the
Flattered generous is
Your traveled cave who
Is unto me another
Wrong opinion
He is the mere punch
In hand I say into
This door were fallen
My fathers remembered
Argument was the last to
Hymns for the sleeve
Of the lord and calm
Conviction under the
Dollars promise
This distance thought
No fear patent on
The wits on the
It came to pass that
Something heaven sent.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blue Shining White

Blue shining white
Simple light of all
Graceful evident
To those who
Allow praise like
A thread barren
Through forest


Of looking simply
Shall rest inviolate
Feather spent
For those who
No longer bless
The hand alone
Who feeds


Shining across
Branch and bark
Shadow valley
Bird track
Voice pure
Light through
Forest slope
Snow bank

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thinking Only Makes It

Thinking only makes it
So unless you wrought your
Slung muscled wit with it
Deciding what you thought
You wrought besides the
Choke trembled clinging
To battalions
Of fears you held and
Strapped around your rhythm
Clicked defenders believing
How the golden light should
Come but not receiving
Scheming when the fretful
Lack of abscess prays you back
And forth
Struggle thanks and praise fair
As the moon disturbing
Clear as the sun venerable
Are your defenders streaming
Forth to probably
Defy you
Letting go caught up with
Whispering leave me now but
Don’t go far manacles
Doubt despite refused
Release has come
No more doing having
Seeing only knowing only
Being only

Monday, October 14, 2013

Complex Knowing - Number 4

Great star gone
Planet kept reflection
Days we hoarded and days we lost
Paralyzed by sensitive
Dilation growing days and time
Dogs running great
Stars gone shimmering
Planet recollection
Left angry and alone how
Could it be
How could
We have known?
Drifted days drift
By and by the
Wherewithal to love
Us one begets the
Other stars forget the
Skies before them days we
Held close and days
We squandered and

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blackness Heart of the Night

Blackness heart of the night
Beware pure attention
Span comforts
Neither insight nor
Forgets and decides
Where lust and hand
Withhold sound on golden
Turning oneself
To another place a
Woman decreed about
Time about the only
Thing that mattered
A woman left things
Unsaid, undone
Blackness heart scattered
Like stars gone to the
Other side pilloried all
Hope denied nor
Couldn’t say it heart
Of the night uncovers
What was held
All along hope inside
A dream that never
Came to pass.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Best forget intrepid motion memories
Forgotten best trample them into
The sod of a newborn grave stone
Blank as bone
Limp and lame we halting go to
Stumbling trumpet trampling horns
And bells and mercy upon us
All as one
Rented shadow shapes hovering
Sun glint column rays of dust fleck
Power sword wrist-lifted towering
Tree as life
Giving spirit come down upon us
Shadow shape shift ring down legions
Upon us from heaven on high
Sent as knife
Cuts praise and glory have mercy
Upon us gambling spirit souls racing
Against towering candlemas of the
Swiftest wing bees flutter skin
And bone falls
To feather dust hands tremble
Voices apartment choke rented all
As one have mercy and never forget
His memory may
His spark lift across valleys
Horse knife houses of repute may
His floral final place come amulet
Childbed temple upon us.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Complex Knowing - Number 8

Heart of my heart febrile
Heart of knowing indecision
Riven in two unwitting
Prophets laid
Bare no longer
Open to hornets
Fallacies or reason leaning
Against a tilted fence
Rearing animal
Virtues along the pressed
And instant
Landscape of my mind
Heart of my febrile
Heart can you decide
Which of these
Dark precipice
Incisions cuts you
In two can
You free a dappling
From your unknown
Treatable intents broad
Daylight yours is a mirror
Truth to command
Vicious corner plots denial
Can you tear a final
Rain eye executioner
Resemble the
Seascape temple
Eye you’re looking

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Ceremonial shift stride
Raised up and lifted
Hands on each side venerate
His holding cured and stripped
Bright above all settle into
It you are being raised up
And ascended you
Are cell by cell ploughed over
Turned and twisted
On cunning rain-time dark
Night boats across the forest
Sea else nothing over
Him and you perpetual
Lives and thought
On drifting marble thousand
Seas our night boats swamped
And cursing follower waves
Ploughed over sunk and
Drowned done under
Only ceremony shift transition
One state to another ploughed
Over and raised up at once
Together hands and you
Perceptual dying thought against
The desolation twice the nineteen
Sea hung up raised and
Lifted hands on each side
Stripped him bright
As sweatwork day
Triumphant cell by cell
Transmitted each splendid
Voice glints upon the
Morning new and
Dreaming in its light.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

As a Single-Pointed Star

As a single-pointed star
Shines across the millions
Of years its legacy of
Light from its burning
Hot furnace fires across
A measureless gap of
Blank and airless space
Buried in his head a single
Spark an image no man
Could barely see so forth
A basement in an
Ivy-covered hall
Called into question
Over shadow seed painstaking
Affliction lives in debts
Forewarned the mortar
Years cannot be chiseled away
Stay stunned stay havoc
Wreaked by wren heaving
Incredible single-pointed
Leaving light too incredible
To believe
As a seven-pointed five-jointed
Sparking shining light selfish
Sends its sons its shining
Silver rays for every one
To see
White red turning blue
Green crowning ourselves
A compliment owning our
Eyes ever open to receive
It as a Christ christened
Jewel always shines and sends
Its light for every one
To see
As a single-pointed spirit
Shines forth bearing single
Shafted columns of hot
Shimmering white violet
Light he bears forth his
Openly stunning raiment
Ever flowing ever repairing
And rejoining separated
Souls entangled souls who
Could barely stand to be near
Him who could barely stand
To be.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zero Destination

Only fly exception wants left
Wanting fair exchange and rocking
Waking hours we wasted
Tunnel sense depraved we cast
Our draped ember tide about
Feather hands beside the lemming
Pool closed your eyes and stopped
Your voice from raging gifted
Mass reflects remainder
Lesson lights on pressure laden
Wheel-flight spiral dune and sun;
Only sail alight fair zero
Destination sail and soar and
Skip your crippled wing-bent
Cross-eyed fear among the swirl
Skiff by harbor garden help
Sun clouds pare summer sand
Light between your blue
Battalion, we wept together
Separate and apart she sent
The coded signal beams
Shingle cast to pressure
Waves from amplitude and
Back again alighting sail
To zero: fall down bring
The wheel around again to
Cinder scrape shells against the
Evening pearl you might once
Again define me chrome intense
Against the trivet rose-cropped
Boxes long ago consign me fair
Alight wheel spiral dune and sun
Flight sail and soar your draped
Ember tide fair zero destination.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Not Even Lust

Not even lust
Could waste hold
Tend or borrow not
Even trust desire could
Finger lip the begin half
Jobs that spilled and split
Your marrow cut in two
Your only joint in
Several willing ways
When you woke unburied
Nearly every sensible
Trip-wire tendon
Tremor held you
When you took down
Those cleared out
Wants not even
What held your
Truly heart valves
Open could pull
You out of your
Tended ways of seeming
Haven’t you had
Enough preventing
Beds not even semi
Detached encounters
With your emulated
Vision have not the found
Blue dignitaries forged
Enough confusion
To be burned
A lozenge in your
Skull not even leg
Drives between your
Thighs could uncover
What you were
Thinking not even
Your one light became
Two could string
Us back together
Could burn
Us into one.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Here Are

Here are temporal things
Which shudder their
Weight ball prick resounding
Shift blame dissolve
Harrow from a harbinger milk
Sky here are things which
Burst forth and deny they
Were here tomorrow
Changeling never works that
Went away skin that shirks
Derides the day cleft
Against the welter borrow
Bossed by clock hammers
Harrowing waves pitched up
Bearing lost here are rings
Or semblance of summer
Things tired and went away
We tried our best we fought
Against the locks and rushing
Onslaught seconds mourning
Dawns that slipped away
We grasped their shin splinted
Efforts their arms raised
High imploring hand beaten
Against the day and rushing
Months gone by here are
Temporary things which
Left us by the by temperamental
Things which lever old wounds
Patch the blusters cuts and
Bruises vanquish empty
Picture frames only
Carried in the eye.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pain Detail

Pain detail enough terribly
Tired of this distortion
This trip to the finish
Wherein you livened up
The dead frock you
Tore apart the mask of
Their instantly insanity
Why wouldn’t you seek
To shelter here why shouldn’t
A father’s kiss land on its side
Contrails of pain scatter

And cross and flip the
World on edge across the
Smile derided sky
Center best your screen borne
Delusions details of all
They wrought flashed across
The slipping silent flight
Star detail make us and
You and all your hates my
Measured dripped and droll
Companion tired as I might
Encase me firefight and chase
Me run and scatter lodged in

Lip a scaled up travesty
Of seamless notoriety
Don’t quote me on
This according to sources
Who shall not be named
The habit of pain denial of
Cause and effect has led
To this seclusion fed desire
Unto this wrap honored
Flag rifled bullet
Shrapneled obsession
With the wanton
And the dead.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Control Frequency

Open upon several tears
Rise up and levitate
Thank born hair
Raised up heightened
Upon the loom
Politicians warn you
Scorn you away
From felt dreams lifting
Yourself up with
Your own feeling
Control frequency
Inside controller
Frequency inside
Inside control
Verily walk on a path
That threads beneath
The storm on a wayward
Straight and narrow
Swathe beneath black
Pressing clouds erupting wide
Jettison charms of space
Language symbol signs
Flowing through your sacred
Cave and bull offering
Control frequency
Inside controller
Jets machine through storm
Clouds low upon the sky
Crackling voices echo through
Evening power grid light
Frequency inside
Inside control.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dissonant Seven

Dissonant seven times
Struck speak to me
Of your schemes
Of your hollowed out
Strife-sunken honors and loss
Hemorrhaging themselves
Upon the open
Hayfield between
The trees dead
And dormant pendulum
Yellow gold
And white
Waiting to
Shake loose the
Mantle you threw upon
His shouldering doubts
Time-worn and
Tentative out
Upon the saving-grace
Urgency benign;
Always talking I don’t
Want to hear any voices
Any more
Not even yours
Syllables mounting up
To something scything
Through a sky-torn
Ambulance dread
Counting by the
Times fraught with
Scurrying penniless
One place to the next
Now we are beyond
That now we ascend
And expand beyond
Words and doubts
To the next
Seven whatever they
May be.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Complex Knowing — Number 3

Always rooms and muster
Foreign stones complete
How many were never sent
Or telegrams left out in the wind

Carpet borne stride for stride
Completing Harriet intellect
And laughter from
The right hand sympathies
Wherein eguĂ­a rioja
Shoulder chipped November
Ballad strung along a
Wastrel song of signing

Notes and remedies partially
Surrendered far away from
Halo eyes and disconnected
Tenor calling to the proud glass
Sky above your head another
Moment another drip
Across a parking lot bounced
And billed cerulean surprise;

Never mind
You wouldn’t want to be
Here past November you
Wouldn’t want to leave
Your yesterdays along
The road you chose
To follow;
Gather them up
And send them away to
Another leg bark distance
Hanging on an obvious
Bed you dared not
Say goodbye.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Where could a visitor
Come here his
Only leaving
Whence could a star
Born child escape his
Alone away enthralling
Fair born mother
Leaves among the province
All the sea-still grace
And creaking asking
Why her sun-child visits
Desperate planet servants
Like unto this
Who would choose to
Come here his
Feet on the dust his
Face a mask of glory
What could complete
A road-weary man
Of many journeys
Basking on the back
Of a country filled
With pain and chilling need
When will he leave us
When will his parting
Days begin if so many
Of us need him
How will we quarter
Portion head and eaves
Of knives to carve him
If he chose to join us
And now he chooses to
Go his separate way.

Monday, January 14, 2013

No one was around when it happened. There was no applause or congratulations. No one thanked her or praised her. No one noticed a thing. Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go.
-Rev Safire Rose do a five-step Spiritual Mind Treatment. She didn't call the prayer line. She didn't utter one word. She just let go.

No one was around when it happened. There was no applause or congratulations. No one thanked her or praised her. No one noticed a thing. Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go.
-Rev Safire Rose didn't call her friends to discuss the matter. She didn'tdidn't call her friends to discuss the matter. She didn'tdidn't call her friends to discuss the matter. She didn'
”Once you realize that all comes from withinthat the world in which you live is not projected onto you, but by youyour fear comes to an end.”

— Nisargadatta

Thursday, January 10, 2013


The earth longs sad and
Long for the message
You’ve been given to bring
Rendered doubtful
In a corner trod upon
Winepress relations
Of each unending
Far be it for me
To say
What’s troubling you
What’s in your head
Or whether you will
Overcome that longing;
Whether the
Wound upon your
Open heart would
Stride around the houses
Stoop to look
In an unspent
Of hardened guilt
The world longs eventide
And morning long
For your longing
For the coaxing image
Of your mother’s
Grace and claims
Far be it for me
To say
Whether you
Would be better
Off to stride away
Without your message
Sent with all your flesh
And blood deliverance culled
Fastness to maximum