Saturday, May 11, 2013

Here Are

Here are temporal things
Which shudder their
Weight ball prick resounding
Shift blame dissolve
Harrow from a harbinger milk
Sky here are things which
Burst forth and deny they
Were here tomorrow
Changeling never works that
Went away skin that shirks
Derides the day cleft
Against the welter borrow
Bossed by clock hammers
Harrowing waves pitched up
Bearing lost here are rings
Or semblance of summer
Things tired and went away
We tried our best we fought
Against the locks and rushing
Onslaught seconds mourning
Dawns that slipped away
We grasped their shin splinted
Efforts their arms raised
High imploring hand beaten
Against the day and rushing
Months gone by here are
Temporary things which
Left us by the by temperamental
Things which lever old wounds
Patch the blusters cuts and
Bruises vanquish empty
Picture frames only
Carried in the eye.

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