Friday, September 26, 2014


Forged in memory of night
Foresworn whether he knew
Or remembered the recollection
Rendered him of his days
Undermined all his travesties
Worked magic sin delight
The old city and its
Cemeteries dug up trammeled
By a buried train and
Tunnel deep
Insight don’t go too
Far don’t run away
The old turn table record
Player that no longer
How to play drips of
Dropping rain undermined
And rendered all his
Days remembered whether
He forged them in memory
Of his skull final night
Dug up apple trees
Trudged them up for
Cemeteries tombstone
Train whistle barrels through
The final corner of the
Old city out of

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The reality shorn and needful
Analogous to the trouble
Of seeing you everywhere
Similar to fair
Fate and destiny
One beside the other
The actuality of his faithless
Time and certain wars the
Tears he shed so
Troubled and
Forlorn wracking caught in
The afterglow destruction
Needful analogous one
To the other
Let an exhausted
Comfort reside with
Thee looked and watched
And tearing away the
Tears let a triumphant
Instantly with glowing
Demand ease his
Heart and let him
Know no other
Pain nor poison
Analogous to these
Tremor filled captive
Lies among you.