Friday, November 9, 2012

Complex Knowing - Number 7

It’s fairly simple
When you take a step
Back from haste everything
You stockpile will
One day drift away
Be careful what they ask you
To do
One day they will
Call upon you to sacrifice
Your soul;
Intense young people
Accumulating gadgets
Numbers and words
They all must be shed
One way or another
Layers of dust on
A crystal gem
Fairly aware that I
Come and go at will
From the other side this life
Is but a clinical ecstasy of an
Ocean rippling free and more
Distant than a howling call
Homeless spirit rattling coins
In a coffee cup wisdom
More than knowledge spent
Lying beside you was more
Difficult than
Any other I shed
Bodies in a manner
Such as a snake
Sheds its skin.