Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Coming through stalwart
Juxtaposition his own
Daughter’s beauty
Adventurous gambler
Through stalled invited
Listening modes of
Revealing light
Of gold;
Coming through quiet
Epithet either by gold
Or by silver transposition
His layered kernels of
Delight layered one
By one seeds
Destruction up the
Spine the livelong
Spinning spine
Conducting whoso
Breaketh an hedge
A serpent shall
Bite the princes
Out of time
Walking as
Upon the

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Now looking accepted adamant
Trying relatively in vain
Static bridge barges revoke
And recover turbulent days in
The midst of night against
Resourceful spirit scattered
Though it may be
Now working odd adamant
Seeming pathetically in twain
Dinner innocence in sense
Reveal forgiven intensity
In the midst of days unseen
Against compassion mattered
Though it may flee
If thou bring thy gift to the
Altar bring it also to me in
My innocence adamant and
In vain retrospection was
I always in cautiously veins
And leaves denied worshipful
Daylight arguments
Adamant against the

Friday, July 24, 2015

Flow Channel Light

Flow channel light
Breath becoming
Flow amidst the storming
Civilizing hazardous denial
Some warning peril left us
Frozen with
Delight upon the wizard thought
The magical apparel of the
Vastness of the children morning
Leaving posture flight the
Rain the sun shadow caught
Upon the city sinew body
Nominate awake, awake
Stand up and flow
Channel light inward
Through around and flew
The instant
Sorrow of the storming
Night grow
Ever nearer through within
Inside recrimination flow
Starting molecules of
Permanent beating
Sun joy nameless nor
Becoming in the east
Which is the first
Quarter because
It is the first to
Flow channel

Saturday, July 4, 2015

A fish said to another fish, “Above this sea of ours there is another sea, with creatures swimming in it—and they live there even as we live here.”

The fish replied, “Pure fancy! Pure fancy! When you know that everything that leaves our sea by even an inch, and stays out of it, dies. What proof have you of other lives in other seas?”

—Kahlil Gibran

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Someway flight through
Etheric sphere of
Encapsulate and
Interject a window
Strewn enamel behavior
Fondness unreliable for
The top of the hill
Enunciate the stop
Of the raining down
The dread the light cast
Down amongst the shadow
Shapes the dimensional
Gently washed and
Sodden through with
Former smooth time-worn
Denial somewhere
Through the
Etheric arc of
Intricate and
Introspective vigorously
Hewn forsaken
Ecstasy he sweats
Within his willingness
To join there.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Overwhelming witless
Wanton weaning worn
On winter’s need
Beloved holy
Unnatural sideways
Barren proportionate
Golden imagined and
True soundless
And singsong disquieted
Flesh suggested brief upon
Far imagining rippling
Clinking fairborn following
Summer spring need
Trespassed upon animal
Imagination wondering
Overwhelming considered
Twinkling weak-kneed
Obliged and fitting
Slinking distal and
Nightfallen seminal
And sublime.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Half known sins through
Other lives together since
Whenever they touched
On devouring somebody
Tides of the eyes
Of those who
Deposited turned
Into lives
Portraitures of those
Lonesome stepwives
Books face out on the
Shelves and runway chemical
Voices and faces say
Come to the cone tomb
Honeycomb caves the home
Of the fantastical murderous
Sledge slain orbs then hear
Thou from heaven thine
Dwelling place together
Once more one more
Time together entwined
Shall not cause the
Waters to rise
Into lives

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ghost Margin

In the margin of things
The ghost of his soul
Spirit hardly exists hangs
Around not wanting to leave
These serial hard to
Lose attachments in
The myriad wings mobility
Sings raven hadn’t spread
Nor having seen neither
Joy impression hadn’t
Returned neither grappling
Incessant for we are but
Of yesterday dipped into
Flesh and striven bone our
Days upon earth are
A shadow reserved
And tantrum mantram
Hadn’t seen nor withdrawn
Them villainous sensations
Of today’s tomorrow
Voyage ghost margin deacon
Trenched through the thin
Attachment harbinger of
Things fastened laughed
Nor jostled hadn’t let go of
Holding on to things he
Comes back again to
Haunt them.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Vague image spliced
And centered across the
Wheel of time quartz
Stone simulacrum
Symbolizing our mind pollen
More leaning sensible
Simulated image stimulate
Forever in your arms alerted
From all their ways fierce
For great honors certain
Dived open up again
Simulacrum laughed him
To scorn vague image
Spliced and centered
Across the space of one
Holy night uncertain
Nestled against your
Side again fumbling in
The name of God a
Travesty subjected why
We never were
Once upon  
Simulacrum of our
Lives deserted us marble
Cold investment in
Another image
Left undone.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Off Warding

Silence of late winter
First winter night
Set straight the phonetic
Partnership meaning sounds
Of the voices raised too
High and keening raised
Much more than loss thought
Gained heavy consequence
For however much her
Warding off tense counterweight
Had dissonance in seeming
To set us straight still
Silence over bearing arise
Dramatic falling brick by
Brick did not sentence
Her sentinel situation did
Not rhythm rhyme us transpired
Never to deny us nor drown
Out its lightning give me thy
Sun the woman’s warding
Off warding virtues abdomen
Present tense to love what is
And let it happen as it
Was always sensed
And meant to be.