Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Midnight Still

In midnight still the driven winds
Incite the last fog lashes
With brazen impediment any
Harbinger creekbeds flush
With the secret ways of the
Most pecuniary delight,
Ferry them forward across the
Lessons they must learn and
Release them as they will be
From the hardships and
Instruments of desire;

Any ways of impediment are
Nearly always a roadbed through
Encompassment of knowledge
Flown heavenward astride
The fourth blown magical and
Fertile borne breast of a woman,
Even the cockle march failures
Of their least worn sympathies
Stagger down tragic byways
Brushed aside before the damp
And dripping levers of defiance;

In break of day insoluble still
Mysterious and filled with meager
Birdsong motions towards the light
Grant them the haven of your
Windless arms your stationary
Inception strewn with grace,
Only the everlasting expanse of
Your embrace can heal them
Of their final sleep enhanced
Deliveries their scorn-blessed victims
And their paralyzing advice.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


In the unlikely hour of
Our demise in sense or
Sensitivity victorious
In ominous outstanding
Debts of fossilized accounts
Or filled in nerve endings
Blazoned by imaginings
Tremors felt inside the bargain
Basement sea scape instantly
Underwhelmed beneath the
Skin so white it has no springs
No rooms, no fettered forms of
Planks or wires or attachment;
It never fails to render its
Amazement grown accustomed
To the towering pillars
Of clouds silver white across
The sky; very few survivors ever
Wish to tell the tale of the
Thousand times they died before
Forgotten real estate spun
Amongst the barb wire
Cannon trembling judgments
Fishscale sin-severed faintest
Recollections of an earthbound
Lightbulb night incredulous; we
Forego the common delusions
Take money where they give
It and work until the months
Are gone the skin is dried
Upon the bone and the
Victors tally up the score.