Friday, March 29, 2013

Control Frequency

Open upon several tears
Rise up and levitate
Thank born hair
Raised up heightened
Upon the loom
Politicians warn you
Scorn you away
From felt dreams lifting
Yourself up with
Your own feeling
Control frequency
Inside controller
Frequency inside
Inside control
Verily walk on a path
That threads beneath
The storm on a wayward
Straight and narrow
Swathe beneath black
Pressing clouds erupting wide
Jettison charms of space
Language symbol signs
Flowing through your sacred
Cave and bull offering
Control frequency
Inside controller
Jets machine through storm
Clouds low upon the sky
Crackling voices echo through
Evening power grid light
Frequency inside
Inside control.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dissonant Seven

Dissonant seven times
Struck speak to me
Of your schemes
Of your hollowed out
Strife-sunken honors and loss
Hemorrhaging themselves
Upon the open
Hayfield between
The trees dead
And dormant pendulum
Yellow gold
And white
Waiting to
Shake loose the
Mantle you threw upon
His shouldering doubts
Time-worn and
Tentative out
Upon the saving-grace
Urgency benign;
Always talking I don’t
Want to hear any voices
Any more
Not even yours
Syllables mounting up
To something scything
Through a sky-torn
Ambulance dread
Counting by the
Times fraught with
Scurrying penniless
One place to the next
Now we are beyond
That now we ascend
And expand beyond
Words and doubts
To the next
Seven whatever they
May be.