Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Hand within hand
Inseparable when
The transmission runs
On the white walls
Stretching always for
The ends of others
Across the land
Denounced by
Men condemning no
Question quick beside
Them owing to their
Masters bitter trade
And tirades children tiny
Fingers cruelty under the
Jealous fears of morning
Rains and rivers running
High with jagged history
Ignores the bridge we
Might have built against
Them over under
Across and through
Running mothers sheets of
Opening denied themselves
The river hitching lynching
Rope annulled the
Mountains and the hills
Shall break forth into
Signing on the other side
Her thoughts may lead
To trees which grow and
Didn’t know we each in
Love with elastic spirit
Are unreal and
Inseparable hastened
To one another in
The end.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Blessed night through
Which we all must
Pass cannot now
Fail to press upon
Brow or bother seas
Or mirrored thought
Against the man who
Once stood here
Complacent in the
Sheer absolvent shining
Blackness absent of all
Color and containing
All through
The blessed peril
Notwithstanding blank
And sterile blankness rode
All night eternal careful God
Yellow endowed with firelight
Lit beyond the sheath of rippling
Running seventy shades of their
Country houses sent lions amongst
Them bearing down the ropes whole
Heavenly long in darkness supple
Serenity liquid settle soft and
Singing blackness holds it all
Inside until the moment
Venerable and pure
Over whelms him
And the silver gleaming
Spark of glory burnished
Creation inside him bursting
Into daylight once again.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Lovely Mirak calls
Servants to her
Claim where people
Found a lid of
Cohesion starlight
In the crucial event
Nearer now than
Ever before
Bespattered with
The glory of her
Service to travel there
And quarter amongst
The nightfall hills
Showered by the light of
Several shadow red
Moons and the fainter
Light of the distant
Second star settling low
To glimpse beyond
The silent lightness of
The splendor of
Her unearthly
Ways lay claim
To me in
Separate revolution
Serve the people
Of our own

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sapling Willow

Onyx wealth
Framed struggling
Full and helping kind
The bent intervener
Walking will pass
Through the beautiful
On the path to claiming
Their transfiguration dues
Along the pond by
The river kept the planted
Sapling willow straining
Towards the
In the sky
Towards the
Riding weave of seas
Of thorns and
Roses kept towards
The park lane fair beyond
His presence felt the
Sapling willow in
His heart he
Touched the leaves
Dropping to the mud dark
Altar earth in the mount
Of the valley while the tree
Strains towards
The heaven
In the sky.

Sunday, February 25, 2018


By the forgiving
Of mother wife
Daughter by the
Renewal of
The heart precisely
For this reason
And men
Sorrow music
Moves and flows
Continuous quietly
Discontinuous notes
Eddy forward horsemen
Riding upon their
Horses corrupt as they
May be panoplied and
Arrowed haze of misery
Where people brought
Their troubles clouded
By delight and haggard
Though they may
Be called upon
The mendicant words
Absolvent sorrow
Music moves
And flows forgiveness
Filling their lungs
Through their
Voices hearts

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Gestate and populate the world of
His mind with eddies of vigorous
Threshold pressing naked hoping
Yield confronting consider to
Conform two weeks of
Confronted himself
To consider golden section
Means from the darkness in
Wintry tower room of a cave
In gesticulating all the cats and
Tower trees antithetical sing the
Same parenthetical song blanket
Over her concentrated
Shoulder not afraid the length
Shall be the length of five and
Twenty thousand reeds his
Mind shall have no length
Nor breadth constraining
Going swiftly on in
Time and beyond
The moment here and now
Forever more eternal change
The soul before afternoon
Comes around vicarious
And ontological

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Drawn on the high horse
On the holy holidays
Not only were they
Witnesses to pleasure
They were witnesses to
Primary shadow fire and
Summer sonnets iniquity
Fear they handcraft nor
Capacity for wonder sorrow
Nor plunder for oftentimes
Their manual mark of magnitude
Finds the measure of their
Means more pure and stunned
By blunder of the fifth element
Quintessence expanding hope
Beyond forgiveness sent from the
Solar spheres circling them across
The starry heavens seeping
Through their
Dreams and wonders whispering
Around endless blooms of
Sunflower wonderment joining
Thousands of fathoms deep the
Sea do not disgrace the throne
Of thy glory nor abhor the
Bronze outcasting of thy
Light still running endless
Through all things ever
Growing ever astounding
Ever tumbling stillborn
Through and through.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Unchained sense jump tells can stand working in
Which constantly unfurl and propagate and come
About and charm forth kings or sunlight gods
Or painstakingly electrified time or joy or
Effluvium of coal black space between the
Stars which constantly expel their beauty and
Undisturbed question of limitation or
Delight (after that abruptly endless striving towards
The symbols of vague money bartering there
Was a great king who brought forth everything
There is within his kingdom all the manifold and
Lovely vertical through the sky and through the
Center oeuvre sleep or silence chill or sands at
Sea Penelope waiting patiently all is given all is
Riven one into two as the distant arrow
Cleaves the extremity bow down before
Me streams and anguish roses hamlets clocks
And gales bow before me all my creation chairs and
Locks of hair desire and wooden frames and shells
That crack and splinter in the wind expel their
Beauty the lightning shines on all the portions
Of heaven all the manifold and lovely venereal and
Venal all the stains and soils and sundry kingdoms
Beds and stonerows underneath their headsong

Monday, December 25, 2017


Wanted when the
Inquiry claimed
Anything diffusion
Going now to
Stark folly circumspect
Gone for miles
And miles towards
Pure radiance and
Splendor the whine
And grasping happenstance
Pleased with a sun-
Flower treble
Troubled bedeviled
No more then he walked
In the house to and
Fro in remission her
Bare arm blazing
Brilliant violet
Light through silent
Stars and cold forest
Dark dim leaf-struck
In permanence
Permeated with
Brilliance white
Light and

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Moreover warm especially they
Flourish don’t want the net
Of highest fire confidential
At any rate they remember
Darkness at their core
Blasting nothing wave from
Nowhere more by the road
Of the brethren of the
Sentinels lost their way to
The empyrean white and
Holy pardon of fire (aroused
Insensate shoulders
Between clever as they
Gather their silver and they
Treat each drama in their
Garden unhitching
Their sons and
Beneath the youthful
Spiraling star-born cycles of
The sky) moreover they can
Watch themselves as
They press hardfast to
The ground one person
Praise perpetuate after
Another turning away from
The absolute attainment
Of shroud hole to the
Staggering glory of
The light.


Sunday, August 27, 2017


Next Sunday look at
Spider jukebox sands of
Swinging square and
In precision all the
Make-ready housed in
Inhibition cupboard
Roused his vital
Floating pure feeling
Wouldn’t be many
Names appalled out
Of the faces of
Dim-lit in their
Great day of
The feast harrowing
Hymnal can suppress
Their imprecision
On the other
Hand their sleep-welt
World of phyllotaxis
In English style and
Manner floating the
Horses and their
Manes in the realm
Wouldn’t tame
Him happenstance
Nor red-brown in
Their accuracy and
Seclusion out of
The faces of
Hinged after
Dinner blood
And bones
As slot-closed
In completion.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Make force ready
Peace formidable and
Glistering ship sincere
Smeared enough to
Be sanctified pristine
In his virtue without
Pause in this withering
Quicker than his dish
Has chosen to make forever
Ready to reflect his true
Accounts pristine in
Their virtue sanctified
By second hoyer so
Plainly had he worked
Worth having to make
Earth ready head spent
Upon the nightstand
On the basis of
His eternal music
Perfect polygon
Pristine in
Its treasure
Trove of its own
Distinction had he
Not toward him
Only so much of
His hiring with their
Collars run up on
Twenty-nine masters
Of ornament
And beauty.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Country of the passenger
Pallor composed of
These grids of blue
Oratory in the
Shrouded turning
Walking through highest
Kitchen fossil
Blackness depth
From yokes of iron
Rescues the sure
Enough the trusted
Resemblance the
Semblance of order
From chaos from
The best thing of
No importance
In which his final known
Singing widow world
Of blue heaven sphere
Flickering green
Blue human born of
Native planet
Shorn of heavenly
Metal stanchions
Altair looms above
Him funneled
Lithe and shaking
Huge decipher sphere
Up and let us be
The ceiling of
Dimensions dark
Or lightness
They may

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hall of Mirrors

Sallow nested time
And manhood washed
Away the lover’s half
Asleep by outer
Circumstances sail
Unfurled the banquet
Slowly rushing through the
Hall of mirrors dare
Not look one
Way nor the other
Before him nor
Could remember neither
Future tense nor
No bits of subtle
Heartbeat sentiment
Hiding there beside
The likeness
Of himself
The thinly veiled
Consultant credit
Image of children
Rushing down the
Hall crashing headlong
Maybe childhood’s ripe
Refraction judging
The people
Of the

Monday, March 7, 2016

Star Goddess

Curiously expanding
Far cosmic depth
Magnetic at the strait
Gate the star
Goddess fathomless
Her water swift and
Ceremonial her favored
Face incumbent upon
Me dreamed unto the
Depth of night and
Pallored days upon
Days delivered ere
She went her
Voice sounds as if
The stars were singing
Their songs to each
Other the voices of
The inside of the
Spheres relate the
Stories of how each
Came to be and
Whence they will
Be furrowing their
Beauty through
The dawn she sleeps
Now unencumbered
Near the river her
Head drawn nigh
To mine her dream
Laden hair streaming
Across my hand and
Cheek her skin soft
As the cream ladled
Stars of the galaxy
Strewn across
The sky.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fence Garden

In ourselves location
Scourged together
Watching heaven
For the fence
Garden feeling
In themselves in
The mean time
Anything out of
It became better
Than these
Or their border
Better than your
Border in ourselves
Outside of the
Witness watching
Hitting me so no
One can happen to
Think of it becoming
And where will you
Leave your glory in
Yourselves becoming
Soon after neither
One returned to
Laughter neither one
Succumbed to tell
Their story in themselves
Dilapidation calling
Where will you
Leave your

Monday, February 15, 2016

Harbinger of the Night

Harbinger of the
Night I am
Presence pure
Awareness I
Am that I
Am in the
Highest nothing
To prove or
Justify Altair
Alcyone Rigel
Deneb Procyon
Aldebaran Fomalhaut
Sirius lonely planets wander in
The void between the stars
Strung like jewels in a
Web what we have
Is beautiful it was
Tidal waves of
Change cycles come
To pass it's okay valence
A presence coalesce show
Me which way I
Am to go
Where I
Am to lay my
Head inappropriate
Nothing to prove or
Justify all things
Must come to pass.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Core Conduit

Life phrase thought
Advance through
Startled tangent
Introduction building
Blocks through
Heart the core
Conduit beauty
Signal proven
Transmission desire
Of a lower lip
His judgment sent
So much intent
To feel attention
Wrought the aria
Seemingly charged with
Electricity delight core
Conduit threads the
Charges heaven sent
Transducer now
Reluctant to know
Beside me there is
No saviour no
Impedance breeding
His abdomen through
To the heart

Monday, January 11, 2016


Comet be
Yet becoming
All along
Turns the
Thrust repaired
Without even
A thought
An intellect
Can only
Be that
Which it
Must be
Himself great
Room outside
Tiny tree by
The side of the
Road sprouted
Where it
Was planted
There can only
Be derided
Thrust aside
Corroded gravel
Strewn decided
Must go on
True sight and
Knowing must
Be that which
It must

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Coming through stalwart
Juxtaposition his own
Daughter’s beauty
Adventurous gambler
Through stalled invited
Listening modes of
Revealing light
Of gold;
Coming through quiet
Epithet either by gold
Or by silver transposition
His layered kernels of
Delight layered one
By one seeds
Destruction up the
Spine the livelong
Spinning spine
Conducting whoso
Breaketh an hedge
A serpent shall
Bite the princes
Out of time
Walking as
Upon the

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Now looking accepted adamant
Trying relatively in vain
Static bridge barges revoke
And recover turbulent days in
The midst of night against
Resourceful spirit scattered
Though it may be
Now working odd adamant
Seeming pathetically in twain
Dinner innocence in sense
Reveal forgiven intensity
In the midst of days unseen
Against compassion mattered
Though it may flee
If thou bring thy gift to the
Altar bring it also to me in
My innocence adamant and
In vain retrospection was
I always in cautiously veins
And leaves denied worshipful
Daylight arguments
Adamant against the

Friday, July 24, 2015

Flow Channel Light

Flow channel light
Breath becoming
Flow amidst the storming
Civilizing hazardous denial
Some warning peril left us
Frozen with
Delight upon the wizard thought
The magical apparel of the
Vastness of the children morning
Leaving posture flight the
Rain the sun shadow caught
Upon the city sinew body
Nominate awake, awake
Stand up and flow
Channel light inward
Through around and flew
The instant
Sorrow of the storming
Night grow
Ever nearer through within
Inside recrimination flow
Starting molecules of
Permanent beating
Sun joy nameless nor
Becoming in the east
Which is the first
Quarter because
It is the first to
Flow channel

Saturday, July 4, 2015

A fish said to another fish, “Above this sea of ours there is another sea, with creatures swimming in it—and they live there even as we live here.”

The fish replied, “Pure fancy! Pure fancy! When you know that everything that leaves our sea by even an inch, and stays out of it, dies. What proof have you of other lives in other seas?”

—Kahlil Gibran

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Someway flight through
Etheric sphere of
Encapsulate and
Interject a window
Strewn enamel behavior
Fondness unreliable for
The top of the hill
Enunciate the stop
Of the raining down
The dread the light cast
Down amongst the shadow
Shapes the dimensional
Gently washed and
Sodden through with
Former smooth time-worn
Denial somewhere
Through the
Etheric arc of
Intricate and
Introspective vigorously
Hewn forsaken
Ecstasy he sweats
Within his willingness
To join there.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Overwhelming witless
Wanton weaning worn
On winter’s need
Beloved holy
Unnatural sideways
Barren proportionate
Golden imagined and
True soundless
And singsong disquieted
Flesh suggested brief upon
Far imagining rippling
Clinking fairborn following
Summer spring need
Trespassed upon animal
Imagination wondering
Overwhelming considered
Twinkling weak-kneed
Obliged and fitting
Slinking distal and
Nightfallen seminal
And sublime.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Half known sins through
Other lives together since
Whenever they touched
On devouring somebody
Tides of the eyes
Of those who
Deposited turned
Into lives
Portraitures of those
Lonesome stepwives
Books face out on the
Shelves and runway chemical
Voices and faces say
Come to the cone tomb
Honeycomb caves the home
Of the fantastical murderous
Sledge slain orbs then hear
Thou from heaven thine
Dwelling place together
Once more one more
Time together entwined
Shall not cause the
Waters to rise
Into lives