Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grange Hall

Figure it out some day how
To stop wasting near
Misses notes never sent
Obliged and discontinued the
Grange hall cascades atop the rise of
A green hill verdant even in healing
Solstice ride in solitude solicitous
To the point of one another;
Some day figure it out some might say
Don’t bother
Who wastes time on a space as open flanked
By streams and their running as this;
Flanked by a town that died and emptied
Itself left itself barren and exposed; flanked by
A highway that falters on alert to various
Instigations in the back of the car divert
Therefore the near misses the wastreling
Purposeful flocks flew by whenever he
Walks he sees things no one else could
See he enrages their talks de la Falaise their
Simmering submerges their discontinuity
Whenever he dies and passes on a space
As open as the field where the grange hall
Lies cascades atop the rise of a
Green hill verdant he says less and less he
Dies and passes on a space where the
Grange hall lies.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Fortunate soul growing neither
In night shade nor quite enough to
Allow no rhyme
Reason on behalf of
His shame,
His holy hand in fear.
Understand, this isn’t unique
To certain departed wilderness
Lives to certain
Elements of heart ache
Disdain; this is fortunate enough
To emphasize exactly how
Much a very small deadly
Dream could go on rummaging
The troubles of a compassion
That didn’t know how
To end.
On a bridge throughout a sandy
Marsh across a lake of mortal
Sins he swung along a
Curse nobody disappoints
A garden of
Diminishment and
Heightened unconvincing
Lies, in height
And in splendor does the
Beauty of her heart
Dwell, fortunate enough to
Lash one more time his admiring
Vesper resolutions his interest
Accruing flight across the

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sacredness and Light

Sacredness and light fill the oracles
Of every halfmoon rescuer’s
It was true the dogs and foxes cried
And split the night beyond the northbound
Houses block upon block;
So only noble staring courage came
Without a distant pale
The yester years deliver drowning
Words and wounds and half-made
Smiles we never will remember;
The forward tears rescind our
Burdens they
Could scarcely bear
By way of visions fear
Especially she captivates the
Shaking she denies
The need to
Break the stifled glory might;
The precedent resurges only once
Or twice a night instead of
Hiding sinking sliding out of
So go without, decide what you must
Sign and verify; forsythia will not bloom
For five more months or more; hedges
Will not harbor blossoms hallowed
Out their colors
Layered row upon row;
Leave them now, their branches empty
Arms aside abandoned lulling fall
Of winter tide and evening quiet long
And wide.