Monday, December 31, 2012


Country of early Gauls
Fortified in forbearance
Of slaughter
In Galatia also the
Gauls were sent
From Macedon and
Thrace they poured
Upon the trembling
Daughters restless
Righteous enough for
Their own cause
In Ancyra they dwelled
Bounded on the north
By Bythinia and
On the east by
Pontus and hills
Of Cappadocia
To the west
The mysteries
Of Phrygia
And onward south
The mythic oracle
And bandits of
Cilicia and Lycaonia
Far and wide they
Went from Trier to
Kiev La Coruña and
Lutetia to the Orient
Seeking pasture land
And gold
Their havens only
Kingdoms lost
Only shifting realms
Their sons could
Never hold their
Language never
Written legacy of
The dying Gaul
Only Greeks and
Romans told.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cold Triptych

Remember when
The world was new
The darkness was a
Sacrament of light
Come away star
To the far edge of
The field
To the forest glen
Called upon cold
Whether with you
Or planked from
Indecision rounding a
Complement all is
Not lost
Not even his feeling nameless
Fear his monument of
Meaning stretched
Across the soul’s expanse
And all the thirsty
Drank of it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Complex Knowing - Number 7

It’s fairly simple
When you take a step
Back from haste everything
You stockpile will
One day drift away
Be careful what they ask you
To do
One day they will
Call upon you to sacrifice
Your soul;
Intense young people
Accumulating gadgets
Numbers and words
They all must be shed
One way or another
Layers of dust on
A crystal gem
Fairly aware that I
Come and go at will
From the other side this life
Is but a clinical ecstasy of an
Ocean rippling free and more
Distant than a howling call
Homeless spirit rattling coins
In a coffee cup wisdom
More than knowledge spent
Lying beside you was more
Difficult than
Any other I shed
Bodies in a manner
Such as a snake
Sheds its skin.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


All that he has known
Of sorrow
Came wrapped in that
Rain and shadow sky
Everything he bought or
Borrowed flew down
Across the wood alone
With faithful leaves that
Fell only yesterday
Or earlier today;
If only he had known
The cost of keeping
Up appearances
He wouldn’t bother
Sending distances away
He wouldn’t
Calculate the interest on
A debt he couldn’t pay
For in his dreaming heart
He understands the
Only truth a mind can
Never know;
His everlasting
Expanding self is so
Much more than
A piece of cloth
A clod of earth
And together with it
All the same
His necessary
Inmost self is beyond
These dim impersonations
Of his only watching eye,
And even though he finds that
All is lost
In his dreaming heart
He knows that he is one
With every fallen leaf and
Every dark wet night
For he is one with all in all.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Midnight Still

In midnight still the driven winds
Incite the last fog lashes
With brazen impediment any
Harbinger creekbeds flush
With the secret ways of the
Most pecuniary delight,
Ferry them forward across the
Lessons they must learn and
Release them as they will be
From the hardships and
Instruments of desire;

Any ways of impediment are
Nearly always a roadbed through
Encompassment of knowledge
Flown heavenward astride
The fourth blown magical and
Fertile borne breast of a woman,
Even the cockle march failures
Of their least worn sympathies
Stagger down tragic byways
Brushed aside before the damp
And dripping levers of defiance;

In break of day insoluble still
Mysterious and filled with meager
Birdsong motions towards the light
Grant them the haven of your
Windless arms your stationary
Inception strewn with grace,
Only the everlasting expanse of
Your embrace can heal them
Of their final sleep enhanced
Deliveries their scorn-blessed victims
And their paralyzing advice.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


In the unlikely hour of
Our demise in sense or
Sensitivity victorious
In ominous outstanding
Debts of fossilized accounts
Or filled in nerve endings
Blazoned by imaginings
Tremors felt inside the bargain
Basement sea scape instantly
Underwhelmed beneath the
Skin so white it has no springs
No rooms, no fettered forms of
Planks or wires or attachment;
It never fails to render its
Amazement grown accustomed
To the towering pillars
Of clouds silver white across
The sky; very few survivors ever
Wish to tell the tale of the
Thousand times they died before
Forgotten real estate spun
Amongst the barb wire
Cannon trembling judgments
Fishscale sin-severed faintest
Recollections of an earthbound
Lightbulb night incredulous; we
Forego the common delusions
Take money where they give
It and work until the months
Are gone the skin is dried
Upon the bone and the
Victors tally up the score.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Vastness sound across the void
There’s nothing left
To say or do
Much, when or where
Have never mattered
Thought began
The ceaseless toil of
A riven window gravely
Gone unless the lovely
Magic justice could
Prevail, until the feeling
Away; I told him
Never to bear the
Heartaches lightly never
To hobble beyond or
Himself to appearance
Shivering bones or
Past-tense quarter note

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Doubtful that the old renown
Could help us any longer
Suspect world of disasters
And telephone wires etched
Against the sky
Disconsolate nights
Relinquish whatever was
Good and gorgeous worth
Remembering or waking up
For once more;
The lavender writhes
And capitulates under the
Pounding of the storm
The stars could not help
Us any longer the hills
In their splendour or
Views of the sea;
Cruel abysses forests and
Tempests gardens all of
Them conspired against
Us each of them lived
Longer than our visit there
And any meaningless
Laughter we had was
Washed into another
Place where he can open
His eyes and smile
And run with us once more.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blond Enclosure

Even the desolate places
Are in touch with the holy
The sober sacred still
Ideas that went
Even the objected ones
Who are only private
Sparks of a flame
Half-spoken plans obliged
Out of blond enclosure
Lost and forgotten
Skeptical prophecy considered
Fascinating by a second
Even the dust and the dirt
Dried up alongside
A tangle of weeds
Deserves the full
Touch of the divine crisis
Events and gaunt heavenly
Dawn in desperate
Need are no longer aware
Of their holiness lost
And forgotten and
Sacred all the same.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From Before the Sparrow

From before the sparrow harmless
Holds the initiate is tested
Pulled back buffeted
By heedless words
Shoved and punted beaten
Back and yet he
Forth he
Allows what is
To be
He sails along lifted
Up by situation currents
Of air by children
Calling voices middle of the night
Uneasy telegram wind
Bears away the hours
He grieves the
Gentle approaching
Parting dry
Rainless stubble
Summer days
The stream is
Dying barely full enough to
Filter past the drifting
Turning of the
Year and yet he
Forth he knows enough to
Sing his evening song
And glide across the
Parchment drafted
Wind and
Allow it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Complex Knowing - Number 10

Anything you asked for I gave
It insensibly naïve in
My multitude of harboring
Melting ideas of fallen
Everything you fell for I wished
For you feathered amongst
Their daughterly liquid glimpsed
Spouting eventually splintered in
Only a never sent head
Game of forgotten understanding
Rushed aside a winter
Borne tryst
Travelling in air against
The highest spectacular
Brushing around the Serpentine
Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume
Don’t go or never forgive
Them, never shout their
Names out from the pale
If you do expect to be
There you might at least
Open your heart to them and
Breathe a deep motionless
Majesty St. Raphaël serene
Let your guard down leave your
Mouth undone and allow the
Honor of your innermost
Wealth and excellence
To dream and to sleep
With them under
The nightfall
Under the

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Breath of spirit in every thing
Burn through the imponderable less likely than lavish
Extravagance flowing flush through the branches brimming
And ever lasting fleeing and flowering out past the shores of unlikely
Hair and eyes and arms and face, brush and brim and bramble on spontaneous
Flies and flailing followed chances, run through and on past loud last waking tides of
Heather met romances wished for suffering human abrupt away expression
Some are meant to sing their way through life and some are meant to
Give to every man according to his ways the breath of spirit
Flowing flush until and through the stalks and maiden
Fleeing fair enhances summer spring
Romances, at every moment inspiration fills the common scuttling
Honey bees with jets of works that vanish by the next, delighted
To be on to something otherwise decreed and promise
Waiting to transpire; honor it is and pressed magnificence how
Full of force and wilderness the animals and tables and stone-built
Dwellings all the same are flush and full with spirit filling them up blowing
In amongst and through them lifting them out of the ideal realm of
Kingdom come and into the beaten pounded pummeled world of
Black skylight empty and tangible hard-won working
Things all hammered about poured forth risen and ascended.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review of "Antiphony" by Amazon top reviewer

"Some great authors come to mind...  but its own unique creation. Antiphony is deep and highly imaginative, and it stands on its own. I hadn't read anything of its type in a long time, and I'm glad I did."

Monday, March 19, 2012


Several of these ways in
Which we left ourselves
Open to longing could have
Been clipped if we
Listened to others, could have
Been turned to ridicule and dust.
Never tends to evermore
Frequently skipping across the
Flagrant gestures and spirits of
Sanity running out seen
Through the window of a car
In glimpse of recognition formed
In complete faith and opportunity
Of sleep and all its stretching overflowing
Longing; listen to the heart of hearts
Laden with reverence of proud and
Ceaseless dominion; she couldn’t
Bear to fade and falter, handing off
Another loss to him handing him
Over to slaughter.
These are things that have
Been and are, these are things
That will be and are now, for I
Am with you for ever.
And the things that are can
Never be altered; only phased and
Passed through in slower or faster
Or different and various piecemeal ways; only
Run through wakeful or imprisoned
By doubt or completely unaware; nevertheless
They are unaltered, what is now was
And always will be several ways
Of knowing what is in your heart of
Hearts, what was in your dreams,
What is and was and always
Will be.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dome of the Sky

Dome of the sky particular wide as the
Blank and everlasting beam across
Her frozen still inviolate face nevertheless invincible
The broad expanse of hastening breathing ceased;
Gong the bells their marvelous presence song
Arrhythmic out of shoulder unsure out of
Sync, long they sound their rankling low and
Long ungarden song ascending now expansive
Gonging luminous dread-bearing farewell
Undertaking song
Lifting up
Their song, two tones, is lifting her up and
Spreading her dissolving strange essential self
Eternal unto the dome of the sky and contained
For a flickering moment while the prester’s calming
Considered chanting oppression stream of words,
Doubled up with the call of the chanter responsive
Halts and halfway spills the now and forever
Over her lying down boxed and residual
Presence-felt cold colder unto the ages of
Dome of the sky lift up and spread her essential
Self dissolving out and on to other broad eternal
Bells arrhythmic gonging out of sync dissolve
And lift up her brothers and sisters and their sorrows
Spilled about the earth beneath your arching carved
Extension screen across the milky plaster of
Paris sky; call her forth now and forever summon
Her up and away from nameless fear decision
Unto the ages of ages away from this particular
Moment from the essential towards the
Everlasting cleansed the deaf hear the dead are
Raised from the soil of their symptomatic
Tangle of dreadful bells and voices raised she is unto
The ages of ages.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Water welds the blackened heart
Under the words in which the concentrated
Weaver lies, flows about the berries
And the distal clouds continued round
The swiftly sailing songs about the
Wheat field ceased among the
Fragrant false and fettered seeking
Always the lowest ground; drifts
And dallies bitter cross the rocks and stones
To bear the dross away, water sifts the
Fetching thoughts anointed or ofttimes
Disappointed weeps leaking from the
Corner of an eye disjointed seeks
The deepest chasms of a frown;
Down it goes, all ways down and yet
It ferries all the life we lived beneath
Contented mudded dispatched whorls of
Sound; forging steady unrelented
Progress foregoing proximal obstacles away
Across around, always onward ahead and
Foreward, always towards the deepest oceans
Salted depths receiving always