Thursday, December 18, 2014

Seventy-Two Moments

Forgive me those moments claimed
Calm from your heart those
Seventy-two moments
Claimed viscount whisky
Portable moments hard water
Teaspoon dread and fear
Everything’s going to be all
Right blessed undressed and
Ready to go those oppressed
And afflicted daydreams all
To fall towards failure dread
And blame forgive me for advancing
Never looking back identity
Is memory we claim a dance of
A kind we disdain to decide
Me I’m sorry contrary to purity
Is a negative debate thought
Reduced entirely without
Spirit despair words from the
Other side come forth to soothe
You fair tears from your cheek
Wipe away all those moments
Welter words we could not

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Doesn’t exist
Space travel time
Separateness never sent
The somewhere you
Went however if
You think it to be
Here and there today
Tomorrow thought
Travel you away grim
Strong solitude and
Sorrow I can see it
In your eyes though
We are together there
Is part of
You apart distance twice
Considered the
Heart remains from the
Time you tore
Straightaway travel
Praying because the
Feelings are in play
If you think it to
Be only here without
Wait without
Yesterday tomorrow
Distance doesn’t
Exist doesn’t beg
Steal or borrow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Way with Form

Away with form separates
Us from sedition form
Trips us tricks us into
Thinking with our morbid mind
Clinging into grasping thoughts
Hissing knowledge of
Judgment good glances felt
Solution her presence evil a
Way with letting go she
May be seventeenth shall
Come ahead slow tawny hair
And eyes green gray cold
Send your judgment day
Translate their sonnet
Disposition letting go
Of formal knowledge
Good and evil
Tricks us into
Distance sound unlocked
Meter rhyme our hearts
Say speak between them
Knew what cuando te
Vemos meant knew where
Heaven sent the messengers
Tell us do not sin is
Missing the mark
Kissing the trumpets blare
Their sails relieve the
Shaded shadows of
Our souls and

Friday, November 7, 2014

“A real narrative is a web of alternating possibilities.” –John O’Donohue

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Out of Fear of a Loss

Out of fear of a loss
A killing comes
Early one morning awoken
By saws running chopping
At limbs told as it
Were to clean things up
And make this high
Shouted beauty
Disappear out
Of fear that a certain
Everyday cunning
Occurs weather
Storm winds might knock
Her against fright toss her
To ground the tauten
Tight men have come
With saws sharpened
To carve her apart slice
Her to pieces ancient
Pain slicing whispered
Limbs inevitable
Whispering these are
The things that I do the
Things that are good
And right and true even
Identical thatched
Killing comes
Early one
Morning limbs
Wave in the wind
Everything as it should
Be out of
Fear of an Absalom
Pretender killing
Comes ancient
Pain leaves only
One crutched hole in the
Earth where her sacred
Scarred body once
To the ground.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Whatever words such
As these
Could never hope to
Describe the perfection
Of the swaying
Swell of your hips could
Never tell the worn-down
World how autumn rain and
Truth bring
Suffering through your
Lips long standing wouldn’t
Justify the want you
Express pure feeling through
Your eyes the black strap
Of your bra laced over
Your shoulder fading
Hair in a moonbeam
Draped across
Pastel breast except
The fastening
Of your astral body once
Again to mine whatever
Rampart begged to
Make us separate apart
Could never stop
Expounding seeketh
Only my own
Sleepless need to

Friday, September 26, 2014


Forged in memory of night
Foresworn whether he knew
Or remembered the recollection
Rendered him of his days
Undermined all his travesties
Worked magic sin delight
The old city and its
Cemeteries dug up trammeled
By a buried train and
Tunnel deep
Insight don’t go too
Far don’t run away
The old turn table record
Player that no longer
How to play drips of
Dropping rain undermined
And rendered all his
Days remembered whether
He forged them in memory
Of his skull final night
Dug up apple trees
Trudged them up for
Cemeteries tombstone
Train whistle barrels through
The final corner of the
Old city out of

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The reality shorn and needful
Analogous to the trouble
Of seeing you everywhere
Similar to fair
Fate and destiny
One beside the other
The actuality of his faithless
Time and certain wars the
Tears he shed so
Troubled and
Forlorn wracking caught in
The afterglow destruction
Needful analogous one
To the other
Let an exhausted
Comfort reside with
Thee looked and watched
And tearing away the
Tears let a triumphant
Instantly with glowing
Demand ease his
Heart and let him
Know no other
Pain nor poison
Analogous to these
Tremor filled captive
Lies among you.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pure Energy Shadow Gold

Pure energy constantly in motion
Whirling twisting slamming together in
One way and another to comprise
Whatever forms he may
Wish and in this forever
They are implacable insensible
Insatiable in their
Fluctuating sprinkling of
Across his vision indigo
Verdigris tarnish corrosion flush
Pure shadow net of gold pure
White blue lightness
Looked intractable convincing his
Insensitivity angel came pulling following
Particles encircling that house
And the censers of
Pure gold dull and faint in
Its magnificence sensible to dying
Discolored flashing flush
Across his visionary vision tarnish
Indecision all the sweet glad colours
Of the gardens of a dilated
Rough country house
Flashed and faded and formed
Of pure twisting particles of light
At last he sees it all
In its most pure form
And instinct at last he
Knows how matter takes its
Shape it is nothing more
Than light pulled together
For a moment or two
Projected by his
Own image
And imagining.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Radiance intelligence pulsing
First-born of God shimmering
Overcoming possession of
Confession of the time which
Is nigh
Sinners sin with proficiency
With hallowed authority
And increase all sins
Are washed into pure whiteness
Have you seen this
O son of man have you borne
Witness to the whiteness which
Shall come to pass? First-born
Beloved sun of God
Here shimmering shining joy
And pure
Down through the ages
Upon ages will you
Stand forth and bear this
Crown upon your head?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Precisely This

Instinct leads us to
Descend without knowing
Why half-asleep orchestral
Scimitar instead of tears
Calling out to one
Another precisely
Distinctive monocle emotion
Broadcast far and wide
Declaring fixed-blood might
Unwinding lean
Paradox devotion shoddy ever
Since that pasture night
Call me back the horns resound
To one another strings
Respond in such a way
This traveler’s devotion is
Required now it came to
Pass with requisite split
Apart the truth which
Happened this lonely whisky
Weeping call gave away
His swollen soul-varnished
Emotion however long
Defended why he went
Away precisely

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Lower rather than
I just need to pick up
A couple more
Things having said that
Give me more of those legs
Where the banfi veleta
Definitely it is lower residing
Where the thighs reach
Where the belly teaches curvature
An instance wherein convulsive
Parted about anything which
Even her genuine starving
Hips surprise where the chest
Extends draw thee waters
For the siege miraculous
Having said that I just
A few more things before
The stretch I give you
One unformed dignified
Cherished walk beside
Me while I
Lap contend
With myself lower rather
Than higher.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Sea breaks calm ocean tide calm companion rocks
Ogre righteous in the sight flourishes sound
Compounding cadences whenceforth
Evenings coat and seal wherefore
Any young man and his lover castaway
Sun’s last motion
Cross the water edge
Where land and
Lever slept
With his
Coastal all at once we came together fair enough
Provision to remember why the danger pier
Despite the vows of bridge desire a lark
Rip house of the earth before the
Ark of inclination scudding out past
The oar camp
Fire rocks hedging
Drift beside the
Virginal sand
Within her

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Whether you can see it or
Not whenever you satisfy
Your seeing glitter another
Assurance through wits and
Wherewithal by two parts and eleven
Parts will I also deal in
By sender by your feebleness
Nor gender display the
Watcher is in every thing summed
Up and tremoring there within
Every atom shimmering and
Whether you can understand it
Or not resilient spilled
Awareness resides full jealous
Ways within a wilderness
Delight so every thing is sprung
With it and stepped across the
Feeling of it in this table top
This cable wire cord fabric
Pillow foot skin water night lamp
Atom brick back eyelash
Insect sky cloud sperm sand
Sea shell squirrel lip star every
Coral node and witness is
Resplendent with the watcher
Whether you realize it or

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Tipped upon other gods forehead
Plunged we were never had
Within the practice of our program
Departed ritual choking on those
People for an
Instant spirit of goodness
Curfew curtailing wondered him a guide
To the wanted might be welcome
Expression I arrived
The craftsman of our those which
Hear the word at least take out this
Hour of praxis this long whatever
Time to impression on us overburdened
By our dropped outside convulsion
Bursting forth walking beside you
Prepared as you were for the
Practice of his chords and his
Law stripped beyond our small
Room devoted as a boy the new
Wine is found to
Destroy whatever end described
Our grains of non-existence
Time repeated wisdom now and

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Lean inspection
Sleet slid story dated
Prohibition of the
Fall see if you
Can travel in the
Wake of such circuits
To rejoice on
Restless ice still
Snow and mud sliding
Down the burning hill
Across the blanket sky
Premonition of the
Spring see if you
Can horn the lips of
Those that are asleep
To speak on Imbolc
Devour the finest of the
Wheat suffer fools no
Longer bought and
Sold light turning
Across a birch grove
See if you can stagger
The voice of my
Halfway sleep
Through the half-worn
Day to splash your milk
Upon the soil permissive
Cry the fallow charity
Of the swaddling
Lurching earth.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


What is written in
The law engraving
Carves the letters
On my heart and
Hammering too
Chambers of
The mist foregoing
Mustn’t think
Persisted dreams
In the minded prudence
Climbs the leather
Banners thought provoked
What is carved into
Stone engraving kept
In my mind
We are always
Married face had
Been in the hook
Had become bridled
In appearance much
Delighted carved the
Letters on the chambers
Of my heart engraved
Has learned an
Ease of twenty blanched
Involvement written
On my heart.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Dead dearth drawing in the
Night the standard awning
Of the stars born as I
Lie on the headboard
Ventures lure through the
Wall whirling they become
More shown more in the
Day delight
Stand stealth her pleasure
In the intermittent deep
Shirtsleeved dead
Ago after that her modes
Toward the guardian
Account find them
And figure out whether
You wanted what you
Want or whether you
Went without
Heard others and heed
Them all the while
Blocking dominion and
I in my seasons launched
No matter whether you
Went or want or
Sent what was the true
Light away from the
World to lie separate
And apart for the drawing
In of the night.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Rendered unto thy tabernacle
Full speech and
Occupation Friday others
Your existence
Body to sit there about the orbit
Take as their proof as critics
Towers and coughing anchors
Minds they halt and lame
In exultation surrender
Always known
Common knowledge
Up every concocted hope
Peered into across and away
Go of all children row upon
Render unto hatched body talents
Whatever one was worth in the
Bright twelve lord unto kingdom
Strong possession sense into leaning
Up and beyond plural is the
Maker of the song
Better in a sense than any ghostly
Inside they would like to
Know how and when
Render every power and
Then he will
Send you
What arrives with
The day it is needed
Will be done.