Monday, March 7, 2016

Star Goddess

Curiously expanding
Far cosmic depth
Magnetic at the strait
Gate the star
Goddess fathomless
Her water swift and
Ceremonial her favored
Face incumbent upon
Me dreamed unto the
Depth of night and
Pallored days upon
Days delivered ere
She went her
Voice sounds as if
The stars were singing
Their songs to each
Other the voices of
The inside of the
Spheres relate the
Stories of how each
Came to be and
Whence they will
Be furrowing their
Beauty through
The dawn she sleeps
Now unencumbered
Near the river her
Head drawn nigh
To mine her dream
Laden hair streaming
Across my hand and
Cheek her skin soft
As the cream ladled
Stars of the galaxy
Strewn across
The sky.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fence Garden

In ourselves location
Scourged together
Watching heaven
For the fence
Garden feeling
In themselves in
The mean time
Anything out of
It became better
Than these
Or their border
Better than your
Border in ourselves
Outside of the
Witness watching
Hitting me so no
One can happen to
Think of it becoming
And where will you
Leave your glory in
Yourselves becoming
Soon after neither
One returned to
Laughter neither one
Succumbed to tell
Their story in themselves
Dilapidation calling
Where will you
Leave your

Monday, February 15, 2016

Harbinger of the Night

Harbinger of the
Night I am
Presence pure
Awareness I
Am that I
Am in the
Highest nothing
To prove or
Justify Altair
Alcyone Rigel
Deneb Procyon
Aldebaran Fomalhaut
Sirius lonely planets wander in
The void between the stars
Strung like jewels in a
Web what we have
Is beautiful it was
Tidal waves of
Change cycles come
To pass it's okay valence
A presence coalesce show
Me which way I
Am to go
Where I
Am to lay my
Head inappropriate
Nothing to prove or
Justify all things
Must come to pass.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Core Conduit

Life phrase thought
Advance through
Startled tangent
Introduction building
Blocks through
Heart the core
Conduit beauty
Signal proven
Transmission desire
Of a lower lip
His judgment sent
So much intent
To feel attention
Wrought the aria
Seemingly charged with
Electricity delight core
Conduit threads the
Charges heaven sent
Transducer now
Reluctant to know
Beside me there is
No saviour no
Impedance breeding
His abdomen through
To the heart

Monday, January 11, 2016


Comet be
Yet becoming
All along
Turns the
Thrust repaired
Without even
A thought
An intellect
Can only
Be that
Which it
Must be
Himself great
Room outside
Tiny tree by
The side of the
Road sprouted
Where it
Was planted
There can only
Be derided
Thrust aside
Corroded gravel
Strewn decided
Must go on
True sight and
Knowing must
Be that which
It must