Thursday, October 18, 2012


All that he has known
Of sorrow
Came wrapped in that
Rain and shadow sky
Everything he bought or
Borrowed flew down
Across the wood alone
With faithful leaves that
Fell only yesterday
Or earlier today;
If only he had known
The cost of keeping
Up appearances
He wouldn’t bother
Sending distances away
He wouldn’t
Calculate the interest on
A debt he couldn’t pay
For in his dreaming heart
He understands the
Only truth a mind can
Never know;
His everlasting
Expanding self is so
Much more than
A piece of cloth
A clod of earth
And together with it
All the same
His necessary
Inmost self is beyond
These dim impersonations
Of his only watching eye,
And even though he finds that
All is lost
In his dreaming heart
He knows that he is one
With every fallen leaf and
Every dark wet night
For he is one with all in all.