Monday, April 22, 2013

Pain Detail

Pain detail enough terribly
Tired of this distortion
This trip to the finish
Wherein you livened up
The dead frock you
Tore apart the mask of
Their instantly insanity
Why wouldn’t you seek
To shelter here why shouldn’t
A father’s kiss land on its side
Contrails of pain scatter

And cross and flip the
World on edge across the
Smile derided sky
Center best your screen borne
Delusions details of all
They wrought flashed across
The slipping silent flight
Star detail make us and
You and all your hates my
Measured dripped and droll
Companion tired as I might
Encase me firefight and chase
Me run and scatter lodged in

Lip a scaled up travesty
Of seamless notoriety
Don’t quote me on
This according to sources
Who shall not be named
The habit of pain denial of
Cause and effect has led
To this seclusion fed desire
Unto this wrap honored
Flag rifled bullet
Shrapneled obsession
With the wanton
And the dead.

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