Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Complex Knowing — Number 3

Always rooms and muster
Foreign stones complete
How many were never sent
Or telegrams left out in the wind

Carpet borne stride for stride
Completing Harriet intellect
And laughter from
The right hand sympathies
Wherein eguĂ­a rioja
Shoulder chipped November
Ballad strung along a
Wastrel song of signing

Notes and remedies partially
Surrendered far away from
Halo eyes and disconnected
Tenor calling to the proud glass
Sky above your head another
Moment another drip
Across a parking lot bounced
And billed cerulean surprise;

Never mind
You wouldn’t want to be
Here past November you
Wouldn’t want to leave
Your yesterdays along
The road you chose
To follow;
Gather them up
And send them away to
Another leg bark distance
Hanging on an obvious
Bed you dared not
Say goodbye.