Sunday, August 11, 2013


Ceremonial shift stride
Raised up and lifted
Hands on each side venerate
His holding cured and stripped
Bright above all settle into
It you are being raised up
And ascended you
Are cell by cell ploughed over
Turned and twisted
On cunning rain-time dark
Night boats across the forest
Sea else nothing over
Him and you perpetual
Lives and thought
On drifting marble thousand
Seas our night boats swamped
And cursing follower waves
Ploughed over sunk and
Drowned done under
Only ceremony shift transition
One state to another ploughed
Over and raised up at once
Together hands and you
Perceptual dying thought against
The desolation twice the nineteen
Sea hung up raised and
Lifted hands on each side
Stripped him bright
As sweatwork day
Triumphant cell by cell
Transmitted each splendid
Voice glints upon the
Morning new and
Dreaming in its light.