Friday, May 23, 2014

Precisely This

Instinct leads us to
Descend without knowing
Why half-asleep orchestral
Scimitar instead of tears
Calling out to one
Another precisely
Distinctive monocle emotion
Broadcast far and wide
Declaring fixed-blood might
Unwinding lean
Paradox devotion shoddy ever
Since that pasture night
Call me back the horns resound
To one another strings
Respond in such a way
This traveler’s devotion is
Required now it came to
Pass with requisite split
Apart the truth which
Happened this lonely whisky
Weeping call gave away
His swollen soul-varnished
Emotion however long
Defended why he went
Away precisely

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Lower rather than
I just need to pick up
A couple more
Things having said that
Give me more of those legs
Where the banfi veleta
Definitely it is lower residing
Where the thighs reach
Where the belly teaches curvature
An instance wherein convulsive
Parted about anything which
Even her genuine starving
Hips surprise where the chest
Extends draw thee waters
For the siege miraculous
Having said that I just
A few more things before
The stretch I give you
One unformed dignified
Cherished walk beside
Me while I
Lap contend
With myself lower rather
Than higher.