Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tide Pool Night

Every evening over by the wisher well he
Walked his well-wept dog and
Sang his radius of self-encompassed
His thoughts eclipsed the jug he
Fetched, and burst the close diameter of
With best intent he climbed the hill he
Stalked the greening of each day,
He juggled forth his flimsy life, his
His carpet wounds, his balance book and
Advice, and yet his loose-hung limbs

Rescinded, gave him away, and kept him
Glinting through the noonday still. And
When the tide pulled in, the rocks
Exposed beyond the wayward
Sticks and mud, the sandy strewn
With broken shells and sabbaths
Conquered by the
The ruined vesicles of animals
That shrunk and dried upon the shore,
That midnight creeping inward
Thick, astonished him and drunk the
Life from him and
Left him nothing further to

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

“Any story that succeeds in evoking that felt sense of participating in larger and more meaningful patterns of truth than our own individual comfort or discomfort is, by definition, a ‘sacred narrative,’ and will have a tendency to attract adherents who take it literally.” –Jeremy Taylor

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Standing Still

In a double traveled year they ruined the presence
Duty business of a friend who stands, shoulders
Taught and striding still, supports the burden,
Who looks into the past without a shadow
Without a doubt, they look with wonder at
The hallowed wailing ground that is before
Them and he stands still, impetuous
And imperious, embracing morning desolate
And delicate in all its resounding scorn and

Instead of lurching and leaping from one
Thing to the next, in happenstance he
Resonates, he leaves his feet upon the
Solid ground, the harvest ground,
Whereupon the grimly definite reapers
Watch, the timely chalky fine keepers of
The cost elaborate and whirl about the
Spot, he stands in place and his eyes observe
The vanity and increase and all the swallowed
Up destruction reach above the mountain
Fields, above the starry semblance of the sky
Above, he stands in one space and everything
Else unfolds itself around him, initiates and
Elaborates into all it was ever destined to

Thursday, January 20, 2011

“There is no need to seek truth, only stop having views.” –Seng T’san