Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zero Destination

Only fly exception wants left
Wanting fair exchange and rocking
Waking hours we wasted
Tunnel sense depraved we cast
Our draped ember tide about
Feather hands beside the lemming
Pool closed your eyes and stopped
Your voice from raging gifted
Mass reflects remainder
Lesson lights on pressure laden
Wheel-flight spiral dune and sun;
Only sail alight fair zero
Destination sail and soar and
Skip your crippled wing-bent
Cross-eyed fear among the swirl
Skiff by harbor garden help
Sun clouds pare summer sand
Light between your blue
Battalion, we wept together
Separate and apart she sent
The coded signal beams
Shingle cast to pressure
Waves from amplitude and
Back again alighting sail
To zero: fall down bring
The wheel around again to
Cinder scrape shells against the
Evening pearl you might once
Again define me chrome intense
Against the trivet rose-cropped
Boxes long ago consign me fair
Alight wheel spiral dune and sun
Flight sail and soar your draped
Ember tide fair zero destination.

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