Monday, March 19, 2012


Several of these ways in
Which we left ourselves
Open to longing could have
Been clipped if we
Listened to others, could have
Been turned to ridicule and dust.
Never tends to evermore
Frequently skipping across the
Flagrant gestures and spirits of
Sanity running out seen
Through the window of a car
In glimpse of recognition formed
In complete faith and opportunity
Of sleep and all its stretching overflowing
Longing; listen to the heart of hearts
Laden with reverence of proud and
Ceaseless dominion; she couldn’t
Bear to fade and falter, handing off
Another loss to him handing him
Over to slaughter.
These are things that have
Been and are, these are things
That will be and are now, for I
Am with you for ever.
And the things that are can
Never be altered; only phased and
Passed through in slower or faster
Or different and various piecemeal ways; only
Run through wakeful or imprisoned
By doubt or completely unaware; nevertheless
They are unaltered, what is now was
And always will be several ways
Of knowing what is in your heart of
Hearts, what was in your dreams,
What is and was and always
Will be.