Sunday, July 21, 2013

As a Single-Pointed Star

As a single-pointed star
Shines across the millions
Of years its legacy of
Light from its burning
Hot furnace fires across
A measureless gap of
Blank and airless space
Buried in his head a single
Spark an image no man
Could barely see so forth
A basement in an
Ivy-covered hall
Called into question
Over shadow seed painstaking
Affliction lives in debts
Forewarned the mortar
Years cannot be chiseled away
Stay stunned stay havoc
Wreaked by wren heaving
Incredible single-pointed
Leaving light too incredible
To believe
As a seven-pointed five-jointed
Sparking shining light selfish
Sends its sons its shining
Silver rays for every one
To see
White red turning blue
Green crowning ourselves
A compliment owning our
Eyes ever open to receive
It as a Christ christened
Jewel always shines and sends
Its light for every one
To see
As a single-pointed spirit
Shines forth bearing single
Shafted columns of hot
Shimmering white violet
Light he bears forth his
Openly stunning raiment
Ever flowing ever repairing
And rejoining separated
Souls entangled souls who
Could barely stand to be near
Him who could barely stand
To be.

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