Friday, September 27, 2013


Best forget intrepid motion memories
Forgotten best trample them into
The sod of a newborn grave stone
Blank as bone
Limp and lame we halting go to
Stumbling trumpet trampling horns
And bells and mercy upon us
All as one
Rented shadow shapes hovering
Sun glint column rays of dust fleck
Power sword wrist-lifted towering
Tree as life
Giving spirit come down upon us
Shadow shape shift ring down legions
Upon us from heaven on high
Sent as knife
Cuts praise and glory have mercy
Upon us gambling spirit souls racing
Against towering candlemas of the
Swiftest wing bees flutter skin
And bone falls
To feather dust hands tremble
Voices apartment choke rented all
As one have mercy and never forget
His memory may
His spark lift across valleys
Horse knife houses of repute may
His floral final place come amulet
Childbed temple upon us.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Complex Knowing - Number 8

Heart of my heart febrile
Heart of knowing indecision
Riven in two unwitting
Prophets laid
Bare no longer
Open to hornets
Fallacies or reason leaning
Against a tilted fence
Rearing animal
Virtues along the pressed
And instant
Landscape of my mind
Heart of my febrile
Heart can you decide
Which of these
Dark precipice
Incisions cuts you
In two can
You free a dappling
From your unknown
Treatable intents broad
Daylight yours is a mirror
Truth to command
Vicious corner plots denial
Can you tear a final
Rain eye executioner
Resemble the
Seascape temple
Eye you’re looking