Friday, February 10, 2012

Dome of the Sky

Dome of the sky particular wide as the
Blank and everlasting beam across
Her frozen still inviolate face nevertheless invincible
The broad expanse of hastening breathing ceased;
Gong the bells their marvelous presence song
Arrhythmic out of shoulder unsure out of
Sync, long they sound their rankling low and
Long ungarden song ascending now expansive
Gonging luminous dread-bearing farewell
Undertaking song
Lifting up
Their song, two tones, is lifting her up and
Spreading her dissolving strange essential self
Eternal unto the dome of the sky and contained
For a flickering moment while the prester’s calming
Considered chanting oppression stream of words,
Doubled up with the call of the chanter responsive
Halts and halfway spills the now and forever
Over her lying down boxed and residual
Presence-felt cold colder unto the ages of
Dome of the sky lift up and spread her essential
Self dissolving out and on to other broad eternal
Bells arrhythmic gonging out of sync dissolve
And lift up her brothers and sisters and their sorrows
Spilled about the earth beneath your arching carved
Extension screen across the milky plaster of
Paris sky; call her forth now and forever summon
Her up and away from nameless fear decision
Unto the ages of ages away from this particular
Moment from the essential towards the
Everlasting cleansed the deaf hear the dead are
Raised from the soil of their symptomatic
Tangle of dreadful bells and voices raised she is unto
The ages of ages.