Wednesday, January 29, 2014


What is written in
The law engraving
Carves the letters
On my heart and
Hammering too
Chambers of
The mist foregoing
Mustn’t think
Persisted dreams
In the minded prudence
Climbs the leather
Banners thought provoked
What is carved into
Stone engraving kept
In my mind
We are always
Married face had
Been in the hook
Had become bridled
In appearance much
Delighted carved the
Letters on the chambers
Of my heart engraved
Has learned an
Ease of twenty blanched
Involvement written
On my heart.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Dead dearth drawing in the
Night the standard awning
Of the stars born as I
Lie on the headboard
Ventures lure through the
Wall whirling they become
More shown more in the
Day delight
Stand stealth her pleasure
In the intermittent deep
Shirtsleeved dead
Ago after that her modes
Toward the guardian
Account find them
And figure out whether
You wanted what you
Want or whether you
Went without
Heard others and heed
Them all the while
Blocking dominion and
I in my seasons launched
No matter whether you
Went or want or
Sent what was the true
Light away from the
World to lie separate
And apart for the drawing
In of the night.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Rendered unto thy tabernacle
Full speech and
Occupation Friday others
Your existence
Body to sit there about the orbit
Take as their proof as critics
Towers and coughing anchors
Minds they halt and lame
In exultation surrender
Always known
Common knowledge
Up every concocted hope
Peered into across and away
Go of all children row upon
Render unto hatched body talents
Whatever one was worth in the
Bright twelve lord unto kingdom
Strong possession sense into leaning
Up and beyond plural is the
Maker of the song
Better in a sense than any ghostly
Inside they would like to
Know how and when
Render every power and
Then he will
Send you
What arrives with
The day it is needed
Will be done.