Sunday, January 15, 2012


Water welds the blackened heart
Under the words in which the concentrated
Weaver lies, flows about the berries
And the distal clouds continued round
The swiftly sailing songs about the
Wheat field ceased among the
Fragrant false and fettered seeking
Always the lowest ground; drifts
And dallies bitter cross the rocks and stones
To bear the dross away, water sifts the
Fetching thoughts anointed or ofttimes
Disappointed weeps leaking from the
Corner of an eye disjointed seeks
The deepest chasms of a frown;
Down it goes, all ways down and yet
It ferries all the life we lived beneath
Contented mudded dispatched whorls of
Sound; forging steady unrelented
Progress foregoing proximal obstacles away
Across around, always onward ahead and
Foreward, always towards the deepest oceans
Salted depths receiving always