Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Way with Form

Away with form separates
Us from sedition form
Trips us tricks us into
Thinking with our morbid mind
Clinging into grasping thoughts
Hissing knowledge of
Judgment good glances felt
Solution her presence evil a
Way with letting go she
May be seventeenth shall
Come ahead slow tawny hair
And eyes green gray cold
Send your judgment day
Translate their sonnet
Disposition letting go
Of formal knowledge
Good and evil
Tricks us into
Distance sound unlocked
Meter rhyme our hearts
Say speak between them
Knew what cuando te
Vemos meant knew where
Heaven sent the messengers
Tell us do not sin is
Missing the mark
Kissing the trumpets blare
Their sails relieve the
Shaded shadows of
Our souls and

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