Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Whether you can see it or
Not whenever you satisfy
Your seeing glitter another
Assurance through wits and
Wherewithal by two parts and eleven
Parts will I also deal in
By sender by your feebleness
Nor gender display the
Watcher is in every thing summed
Up and tremoring there within
Every atom shimmering and
Whether you can understand it
Or not resilient spilled
Awareness resides full jealous
Ways within a wilderness
Delight so every thing is sprung
With it and stepped across the
Feeling of it in this table top
This cable wire cord fabric
Pillow foot skin water night lamp
Atom brick back eyelash
Insect sky cloud sperm sand
Sea shell squirrel lip star every
Coral node and witness is
Resplendent with the watcher
Whether you realize it or

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