Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pure Energy Shadow Gold

Pure energy constantly in motion
Whirling twisting slamming together in
One way and another to comprise
Whatever forms he may
Wish and in this forever
They are implacable insensible
Insatiable in their
Fluctuating sprinkling of
Across his vision indigo
Verdigris tarnish corrosion flush
Pure shadow net of gold pure
White blue lightness
Looked intractable convincing his
Insensitivity angel came pulling following
Particles encircling that house
And the censers of
Pure gold dull and faint in
Its magnificence sensible to dying
Discolored flashing flush
Across his visionary vision tarnish
Indecision all the sweet glad colours
Of the gardens of a dilated
Rough country house
Flashed and faded and formed
Of pure twisting particles of light
At last he sees it all
In its most pure form
And instinct at last he
Knows how matter takes its
Shape it is nothing more
Than light pulled together
For a moment or two
Projected by his
Own image
And imagining.

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