Thursday, May 17, 2012

Complex Knowing - Number 10

Anything you asked for I gave
It insensibly naïve in
My multitude of harboring
Melting ideas of fallen
Everything you fell for I wished
For you feathered amongst
Their daughterly liquid glimpsed
Spouting eventually splintered in
Only a never sent head
Game of forgotten understanding
Rushed aside a winter
Borne tryst
Travelling in air against
The highest spectacular
Brushing around the Serpentine
Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume
Don’t go or never forgive
Them, never shout their
Names out from the pale
If you do expect to be
There you might at least
Open your heart to them and
Breathe a deep motionless
Majesty St. Raphaël serene
Let your guard down leave your
Mouth undone and allow the
Honor of your innermost
Wealth and excellence
To dream and to sleep
With them under
The nightfall
Under the

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