Monday, December 31, 2012


Country of early Gauls
Fortified in forbearance
Of slaughter
In Galatia also the
Gauls were sent
From Macedon and
Thrace they poured
Upon the trembling
Daughters restless
Righteous enough for
Their own cause
In Ancyra they dwelled
Bounded on the north
By Bythinia and
On the east by
Pontus and hills
Of Cappadocia
To the west
The mysteries
Of Phrygia
And onward south
The mythic oracle
And bandits of
Cilicia and Lycaonia
Far and wide they
Went from Trier to
Kiev La Coruña and
Lutetia to the Orient
Seeking pasture land
And gold
Their havens only
Kingdoms lost
Only shifting realms
Their sons could
Never hold their
Language never
Written legacy of
The dying Gaul
Only Greeks and
Romans told.

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