Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grange Hall

Figure it out some day how
To stop wasting near
Misses notes never sent
Obliged and discontinued the
Grange hall cascades atop the rise of
A green hill verdant even in healing
Solstice ride in solitude solicitous
To the point of one another;
Some day figure it out some might say
Don’t bother
Who wastes time on a space as open flanked
By streams and their running as this;
Flanked by a town that died and emptied
Itself left itself barren and exposed; flanked by
A highway that falters on alert to various
Instigations in the back of the car divert
Therefore the near misses the wastreling
Purposeful flocks flew by whenever he
Walks he sees things no one else could
See he enrages their talks de la Falaise their
Simmering submerges their discontinuity
Whenever he dies and passes on a space
As open as the field where the grange hall
Lies cascades atop the rise of a
Green hill verdant he says less and less he
Dies and passes on a space where the
Grange hall lies.

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