Friday, November 11, 2011

Mirror Expectation

Across one sea and through
A hall of mirror expectation
Thorough-going trials which
Glimmer souls their duplication;
Deny the symbol at your peril,
Fly the angels’ punishment and rage
A smothered laugh and jails of
Sons who welter gold and
Silver on the page.

These friends of mine were once
A bothered staff of worn down
Weathered imitations; those faces
Frowned their curfew smiles and
Glimpsed a wall of lucid
Variation; each liquid glance along
The surface wavers any chance
Endeavor of the stars and
Moon among the clouds.

Ghosted streaks across the sky
Initiate the unity and trinity
Of matter; their harmless howls
Around the neighbor’s yard
Reflect the rift and wrack
Of fear and tatter; the painter’s
Brush denies his violet iris mirrors
In your eyes and souls may never
Doubt again they once deceived to flatter.     

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