Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Complex Knowing - Number 9

Very much so inconceivable
In the laughing days surrender
Clinging to him forsworn
Very nearly something must
Have happened instead
Of being relevant sundown
Stars began to reap.

Found out of nowhere indefinable
Under the veins and forcing
Patience prayer whether
Soon he would commence
Blotted out the eastern
Scattered light as well
As pale impressions of the
Night the hunted relegated
Meanwhile versions of the
Statuary motions wrapped
Around his heart.

Anywhere would utterly
Swing the wide
And lightning forest
For fifteen days the
Bethnal green divided
Bright his gaze
His interrupted
Whispered out of sight
A compound mass of
Footsteps falling from
The tapered whirlwind
Stripped and locked.

Fortunate reminders fell
Between the realm of
Permanent distinction then
And wasn’t only the
Diffusion of receiving
So that nothing
Trestles dreamed
Illusion raised the brightly
Sunken down and tender
Courses fear could
No longer
Fail to bind him.

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