Saturday, February 26, 2011


One thing only
Brothers and sons volunteered
Or taken away by
Force, one thing only
At Ampatuan, Maguidanao,
Andijan, Tucson Tripoli
and Cairo,
From the line between
A hunched and shielded

Mob and the
Brothers with swords machetes
And guns, the seraphs at
Luxor Acteal las abejas the
Janissaries in Cyprus
Brought with them only what

They had been taught
To do, the line between them,
Brothers and sons
Was punishment to whom
They were delivered was
Scattered to limbs and torn

Tortured buzzard wheeling in
The sky, was tangled
And screaming jannisary
Srebrenica and villages of
Hungerford Bogside Wounded
Knee, the blood flows just
The same from
Brothers and sons their women
And babes in arms at Wola and
Kalavryta and
No Gun Ri.

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